Around You (2020)

During the confinement caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, I remotely directed this videoclip of the singer Mimi Rose, a very good friend of mine. She composed, sang the song and at the same time was the image of the videoclip. Creating this video with so few resources and without being able to leave home was a challenge but a very beautiful product came out and also it reflects very well those complicated and different months of 2020.

Última Hora (2019) 

A group of friends is reunited after a time to celebrate Clara’s birthday but an unforeseen event does not turn out as everyone expected.

Bilocation (2017)

It’s possible to be in two or more places at the same time? Bilocation can be defined as the simultaneous presence of a person in two different places. Apparently, people who experience it are able to interact with their environment in a natural way. While there is no clear explanation for this phenomenon, it is said that its origin can be supernatural by divine or preternatural by diabolical intervention…

In this Video Art set in the 90’s, a teenager experiences a possible situation of bilocation in a mysterious forest to the rhythm of the song “Groove Is In The Heart”.

Finalist: Mostra Audiovisual Escola Pia de Catalunya 2017

The Art of Being a Psychopath (2016)

At first we can think that the concepts of art and psychopathy are antagonistic, but… what if these concepts have some relation? Studies affirm that it’s possible to provoke psychotic behaviors when we feed on culture, either when we read a book, draw or watch a movie. This culture would have the virtuosity of provoking psychotic behaviors in people that originally were not. In Art history there are recognized psychopathic artists. Some examples would be Jack Uterweger, Andy Warhol, Arthur Koestler or even Picasso. In this VideoArt entitled “The Art of being a Psychopath” I wanted to show this feeling of an artist and his psychotic behavior.

Winner: Mostra Audiovisual Escola Pia de Catalunya 2016

Aurora (2016)

It’s been years since the last snowfall. Still, who does not like snow? “The snow draws a fascinating landscape,” thought Holden. Holden was a bohemian and dreamer boy who had photography as his main pastime and could not leave the camera alone at any time… That Monday he got up early and took the opportunity to take some pictures in the forest that was next to the town. But he never imagined that he would remember that day for the rest of his life… the day he met Aurora.

Finalist: Mostra Audiovisual Escola Pia de Catalunya 2016

Llamada al 112 (2016)

ESCAC shortfilm  (Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya).

Dangerous Frequencies (2016)

We are connected. We are the fine line that separates the fingers from a screen. We are eyes that are not fixed in anything other than the apparatus. We need a device to live, when this one takes us life. We see the present but we do not feel it. We know what happens on the other side of the planet but not what we have at our disposal. We are lost if we are not connected. We have a heart that beats but not heard. We are nothing more than a combination of digits and images, but all, unfortunately, through a screen.

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